Key Moves® 4 Spinal Rehab

This training series will be offered in a 4 day workshop
17 – 21 November 2018, Brighton U.K

The Key Moves® 4 spinal rehab offers a fresh perspective on tailoring movement therapy for the more effective rehabilitation of spinal pain disorders - and many ubiquitous ‘injuries’. The approach deconstructs movement to help you  both clarify spinal movement ‘faults’ – and  reintroduce important basic patterns of healthy control. The approach integrates research and clinical practice.

This series of practical hands-on workshops are suitable for multidisciplinary movement therapists (e.g. physiotherapy, yoga, Pilates, personal trainer) who would like to improve their understanding of the ‘Fundamental Patterns of Control’ which underlie healthy spinal function – and how these are deficient in people with spinal pain and many other common musculoskeletal pain disorders.

These trainings will help you to identify changes in movement patterns that cause or are related to spinal pain, and provide you with a progressive series of exercises you can use to improve your clients function and ease their pain.

The Key Moves® exercises are suitable for use in either a one-on-one clinical setting and also in small group therapeutic exercise classes to help retrain more healthy patterns of axial control

The workshops can also shed light on why you the therapist may be suffering from ‘injuries’ yourself


Module 1: The Spine – Sat 17 November 2018, 9.30am – 5.00pm

This workshop will cover healthy control of the spine including deep system support mechanisms -and highlight the common observable changes in posturo-movement of the spine seen in people with spinal pain disorders. It will show you how to care for the spine and re-establish effective control of the deep axial support and stabilisation system. This will also provide some new insights into postural control and aligning the thorax - and examine some of the myths around ‘core control’ and ‘deep breathing’.

Module 2: A unique look at the pelvis – Sun 18 November 2018, 9.30am – 5.00pm

This workshop will cover healthy pelvic function and the important role of the Pelvic Fundamental Patterns in initiating and controlling movement from the base of the spine and the pelvis/hip. Regaining control of these is not only important for effective spinal rehabilitation but also when stretching the myo-fascia of the lower quadrant and kinetic chain such that the spine is protected.

It will highlight the common patterns of pelvic posturo-movement dysfunction – and also examine many of the misunderstandings around ‘lumbar neutral spine’ and pelvic floor function.

Module 3: Upper spinal control: the importance of the proximal limb girdles and head
– Mon 19 November 2018, 9.30am – 5.00pm

This workshop will examine healthy patterns of control of the upper quadrant – including the Fundamental Patterns of the head and shoulder girdle which are important in initiating and controlling movement in the upper spine. It will also highlight common patterns of upper quadrant movement dysfunction seen in people with upper spinal pain disorders. You will gain unique insights into shoulder function and the important role of the Head and Shoulder Fundamental Patterns in the effective rehabilitation of upper spinal and many associated upper quadrant pain disorders

Module 4: Bringing it all together – Tues 20 November 2018, 9.30am – 5.00pm

This workshop covers the principles of practice which guide the Key Moves® approach to spinal rehabilitation. It also explores the integrated function between all the axial Fundamental Patterns in natural, dynamic, three dimensional movement control of the torso – and in various poses which aim to release myofascial and joint restrictions. Mastering these ‘key points of control’ helps your client move out of pain, and gain enhanced movement freedom, improved performance and functional wellbeing.

Exercise Class Module (optional) – Tues 21 November 2018, 9.30am – 5.00pm

Completion of all 4 previous modules is a prerequisite for attending this optional day

This module addresses constructing an appropriate therapeutic exercise class. This day will consist of four classes to give participants an idea of ‘class theming’ and connecting various moves. And there will be time for discussion and to workshop various aspects of movement and control in the poses - and how to make appropriate modifications for pain, stiffness, pregnancy etc.

This workshop is recognised by:

Pilates Method Association (PMA)
Completion of the KM4SR Series allows 18 PDP’s

Course Information

PRESENTERJosephine Key
Neuro-musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist - Author

Module 1: Sat 17 Nov
Module 2: Sun 18 Nov
Module 3: Mon 19 Nov
Module 4: Tues 20 Nov
Exercise Class Module (optional): Wed 21 Nov

Venue: Energy for Life Fitness Studio, 75 Sussex Street, Brighton, England BN2 OHL U.K.  (Venue details)

Cost: payable by direct bank transfer (details on receipt of registration)
Complete series (4 modules) £GBP650.00
Individual modules £GBP180.00 per module
Optional exercise class module £GBP100.00

Number of participants: 20



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  • Jo’s books:
    • “Back pain a movement problem. A clinical approach integrating relevant research and practice”. Elsevier 2010
    • “Freedom to move: Movement therapy for spinal pain and injuries” – to be published by Handspring publishing September 30, 2018