The Key Approach  is an evidence-informed manual and movement therapy approach that offers a unique insight into simple and complex pain presentations. The Key Approach Workshops: Getting to the source of your patient’s musculo-skeletal pain explore The Key Approach Model in detail focusing on the bodies control of ‘functional’ movement – both healthy ‘normal’ and compromised. The workshops address the link between pain syndromes and movement impairments. The premise of the Key Approach is that most musculo-skeletal pain disorders evolve from  defective neuromuscular control of the spine and proximal limb girdles, or in other words the way we move and posture ourselves causes our problems.

Through these courses you will be guided through The Key Approach clinical model of posturo-movement dysfunction. You will learn a clinical framework that helps you classify a person based on their functional presentation and guides your clinical treatment.  You will learn manual therapy skills to address the dysfunction and practical exercise therapy skills that retrain your clients movement dysfunctions.


I have decided to alter the format of my workshops this year. The previous Key Approach workshops addressed the relationship between complimentary manual and movement therapy for effectively managing spinal pain disorders. Offered in 3 modules - each lasting 3.5 days, they were a big commitment and inaccessible for some.

I have recently completed my second book - on tailoring exercise for spinal rehabilitation which is becoming my major interest. Hence I am trialling four one-day workshops through the year which specifically address movement therapy for the spine and related musculoskeletal disorders.  Further workshops will be offered at a later date for those that have completed these modules.

Key Moves® 4 Spinal Rehab workshop series

The Key Moves® offers a fresh perspective on tailoring movement therapy for rehabilitating spinal pain disorders - and many ubiquitous ‘injuries’. The approach deconstructs movement to help you  both clarify spinal movement ‘faults’ – and  reintroduce important basic patterns of healthy control.

This series of practical hands-on workshops are suitable for multidisciplinary movement therapists (e.g. physiotherapy, yoga, Pilates, personal trainer) who would like to improve their understanding of the ‘Fundamental Patterns of Control’ which underlie healthy spinal function – and how these are deficient in people with spinal pain and many other common musculoskeletal pain disorders.

These workshops will help you to identify changes in movement patterns that cause or are related to spinal pain, and provide you with a series of exercises you can use to improve your clients function. They can also help to shed light on why you the therapist may be suffering from ‘injuries’ yourself!

The Key Moves® Therapeutic Exercise Programme provide a progressive series of exercises that can be used with clients in a one-on-one clinical setting and also in small group therapeutic exercise classes to help retrain movement patterns.

The ‘Fundamental Patterns’ of movement associated with spinal control are taught mindfully, enabling the development of breath control, deep inner core control with appropriate global muscle activation. The program ‘trains the brain to ease the pain’ and simultaneously improves the integrated function between the spine and proximal limb girdles and between them and the rest of the body. The aim is to improve the clients ‘neuro-muscular fitness’ and adaptability.

Integrating current scientific research (fascial, movement and neuro science) with the evidence gleaned from extensive clinical practice, The Key Moves® 4 Spinal Rehab also integrates concepts from Feldenkrais, yoga and Pilates.

Josephine Key’s latest book “Freedom to move: tailoring movement therapy for spinal pain and injuries” will be published by Handspring Publishing in September this year

Venue: St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst

Cost: $350.00 per module – or save $150 and only pay $1250 if enrolling for all four modules at once

Module 1: The Spine – Sat 5th May 2018

Module 2: A unique look at the pelvis – Sat 2nd June 2018

Module 3:  Upper spinal control: the importance of the proximal limb girdles and headSat 28th July 2018

Module 4: Bringing it all togetherSat 1st September 2018

This workshop is recognised by:


Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA)
– completion of the KM4SR Series allows 7.5 PDP’s


Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA)
– completion of the KM4SR Series allows 18 PDP’s


Key Moves® workshops are held at St Vincent’s Hospital, 390 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Upcoming Workshops

Key Approach Module 1:
The Spine 

5 May, 2018
COST: $350

Key Approach Module 2:
A unique look at the pelvis

2 June, 2018
COST: $350

Key Approach Module 3:
Upper spinal control

28 July, 2018
COST: $350

Key Approach Module 4:
Bringing it all together

1 Sept, 2018
COST: $350

Key Approach Complete Series
COST: $1250 (save $150)

Workshops run from 9.30am–5pm