The Key Approach is an evidence-informed complimentary manual and movement therapy method that offers unique insights and management solutions for simple and complex skeletal pain presentations.

The premise of the Key Approach is that most musculo-skeletal pain disorders evolve from defective neuromuscular control of the spine and proximal limb girdles. This alters spinal loading patterns and movement ability – which in time ‘bothers the spine’ and its pain sensitive structures.

In other words, the way we move and posture ourselves contributes to many of our problems.

The Key Approach Workshops: Getting to the source of your patient’s musculo-skeletal pain  explore The Key Approach Model in detail focusing on the bodies control of ‘functional’ movement – both healthy ‘normal’ and compromised. The workshops address the link between pain syndromes and movement impairments. And how altered movement compromises the function in many of the body’s interrelated systems – the nervous, myofascial and joint systems. Variable changes in breathing, postural and movement control, continence and balance ensue and commonly underlie most musculoskeletal pain syndromes and many sports ‘injuries’. The approach adopts an integrative, multi-systems perspective which aims to restore function. It also provides the tools for patient education and patient self-reliance - and a preventative approach.

Through these courses you will be guided through The Key Approach clinical model of posturo-movement dysfunction. You will learn a clinical framework that helps you assess and classify a person based on their functional presentation and which guides your clinical treatment.  You will learn manual therapy skills to address the dysfunction and practical exercise therapy skills that retrain your client’s movement dysfunctions. These workshops will enlarge your understanding around ‘function’. Addressing the underlying functional deficits in all your clients whether they present as principally musculo-skeletal, but also as neurological or cardiothoracic problems, will reap its rewards in improved outcomes.


  1. Key Moves® 4 Spinal Rehab: Sydney Series:

I have recently completed my second book: “Freedom to Move: Movement Therapy for spinal pain and many injuries’ - on tailoring exercise for functional rehabilitation of the spine.

Accordingly, I am offering four one-day workshops in the first part of the year which specifically address movement therapy for spinal and related musculoskeletal disorders.

They are suitable for multidisciplinary movement therapists who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding and improved proficiency around assessing and retraining spinal movement control

There will also be an optional 5th day focusing solely upon experiencing, workshopping, developing, and conducting Key Moves® therapeutic exercise classes.

*This series will also run in Perth in May 2019 over two weekends: 11-12th May and 17-19th May (see National and International workshops)

  1. Key Approach Series

These workshops adopt the previous format of the Key Approach workshops and address the relationship between complimentary manual and movement therapy for more effectively managing spinal pain and related disorders.

These are offered by request in 3 modules - each lasting 3 days:

  1. The Lower Quadrant: The foundations of control.
  2. The Upper quadrant: An integrated model of torso movement
  3. Putting it all together.

These workshops are suitable for clinicians who wish to enlarge their scope of practice as both manual and movement therapists - settling the client’s pain and restoring joint and myofascial function – and encouraging self-reliance in their clients through an appropriately prescribed home exercise programme which restores spinal mobility and function.

*A Module 1: Lower Quadrant workshop will run in Seoul, Korea in March 2019 – (see National and International workshops)

Refresher/intensive day workshops. The first of these refresher/intensive workshops will be offered on Saturday 23rd February. Completion of the 2018 Key Moves 4 Spinal Rehab series or the previous Key Approach modules is a pre-requisite.


This workshop is recognised by:


Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA)
– completion of the KM4SR Series allows 7.5 PDP’s


Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA)
– completion of the KM4SR Series allows 18 PDP’s


Key Moves® workshops are held at St Vincent’s Hospital, 390 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Upcoming Workshops

Key Approach Module 1:
The Spine 

9 March, 2019
COST: $350

Key Approach Module 2:
A unique look at the pelvis

13 April, 2019
COST: $350

Key Approach Module 3:
Upper spinal control

4 May, 2019
COST: $350

Key Approach Module 4:
Bringing it all together

8 June, 2019
COST: $350

Optional module
Key Moves® exercise classes:
Sun 9th June 2019
COST: $200

Key Approach Complete Series
COST: $1250 (save $150)

Workshops run from 9.30am–5pm